Urfi Javed's 10 Most Iconic Look

Metallic Body Harness: Urfi Javed dazzles in  a striking metallic body harness paired with minimalist accessories.

Glass Shard Dress: A jaw-dropping look featuring a dress made entirely of glass shards, reflecting bold creativity.

LED Light Outfit: Urfi lights up the night  with an innovative outfit composed of LED lights woven  into the fabric.

Candy Wrapper Ensemble: A playful and colorful outfit crafted entirely from recycled candy wrappers.

Denim Patchwork Gown: Urfi redefines denim with a gown made of various denim patches, blending textures and shades.

Mirror Mosaic Bodysuit: A bodysuit adorned with small mirrors arranged in a  mosaic, creating a shimmering effect.

Upcycled Plastic Bottle Dress: An eco-friendly statement piece  made from transparent, upcycled plastic bottles.

Feathered Mask Look: Urfi combines fashion and mystery with a full-face feathered mask complementing a sleek gown.

Book Pages Dress: A stunning literary tribute, this dress is crafted from the pages of various books.

Bubble Wrap Suit: Urfi showcases innovation with a suit entirely made from bubble wrap, adding a pop  of fun to fashion.