Sara Ali Khan and Veer Pahariya vacation in London or Romance in London? fuels Internet with Dating Rumors

In the whirlwind world of Bollywood gossip, the spotlight has once again turned to Sara Ali Khan and her ex-boyfriend Veer Pahariya. Recent photos of the duo, enjoying a laid-back holiday in London with friends, have sparked fresh rumors about whether their old flames have been rekindled.

A casual yet intriguing snapshot of Sara and Veer, enjoying pizza in London, has gone viral, setting the rumor mill into overdrive. The picture shows Veer in a casual beige sweatshirt and grey jeans, while Sara is seen cozy in a white sweater and black track pants, adding a casual chic to the relaxed gathering. This particular image, which has been circulating across Reddit and social media, has fans and gossip enthusiasts wondering about the current status of their relationship .

Sara Ali Khan and Veer Pahariya history

Sara and Veer’s history dates back to before Sara’s Bollywood debut when she candidly admitted in an interview with Filmfare in 2019 that Veer was her first and only boyfriend at the time. Despite her assertion of being single afterward, the recent public sightings have reignited interest in their past connection. The intrigue is further fueled by their prominent family backgrounds—Veer is the grandson of former Maharashtra Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, and his brother Shikhar is rumored to be involved with Janhvi Kapoor.

Sara and Veer’s professional life

On the professional front, both Sara and Veer are making significant strides. Sara was last seen in ‘Ae Watan Mere Watan,’ a patriotic film where she portrayed a brave woman operating a clandestine radio during the British Raj. The film not only showcased her acting prowess but also featured Emraan Hashmi in a pivotal role.

Veer, on the other hand, is set to make his Bollywood debut in the upcoming film ‘Sky Force,’ where he will share the screen with none other than Akshay Kumar. This action-packed venture is directed by Sandeep Kewlani and Abhishek Kapur and is scheduled for a theatrical release on October 2 .

Veer Pahariya shooting with Akshay Kumar

The dynamic of Sara and Veer’s relationship, whether platonic or romantic, highlights the intense scrutiny and fascination with celebrity relationships. Karan Johar, on his show ‘Koffee With Karan,’ once playfully noted that both Sara and Janhvi had dated two brothers, referring to Veer and Shikhar, underscoring how intertwined personal lives are in the fabric of Bollywood’s storytelling.


As Sara and Veer navigate their paths in the spotlight, the public’s fascination with their relationship—past or present—remains a hot topic. Whether they are rekindling old flames or just enjoying a friendly reunion remains a mystery, but one thing is certain: their every move will continue to be eagerly watched and speculated upon in the glamorous corridors of Bollywood.

In the world of celebrity news, where the lines between personal and public often blur, the tale of Sara and Veer is a reminder of the continuous allure of Bollywood romances and the stories they weave, both on-screen and off.

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