Suhana Khan Set to Shine as The Next Lux Brand Ambassador

Lux, the iconic brand known for its star-studded ad campaigns, is set to make a splash with its latest announcement on April 29. Suhana Khan, daughter of Bollywood legend Shah Rukh Khan, will be unveiled as the brand’s new face, marking Lux’s 100th anniversary with a dazzling addition to its roster of celebrity ambassadors.

Lux has a rich history spanning a century, during which it has collaborated with numerous Hollywood and Bollywood stars, creating ads that have become truly iconic. Shah Rukh Khan himself has been associated with Lux since 2005, starring in memorable commercials that captured the essence of luxury and elegance.

Rising Star’s Journey For Suhana Khan

For Suhana Khan, this appointment is not just a brand milestone but a significant step in her burgeoning career. Already making waves as the face of a popular makeup brand, Suhana’s foray into Lux’s world adds another layer of glamour to her portfolio.

The announcement of Suhana Khan as Lux’s ambassador not only signifies a new era for the brand but also deepens the Khan family’s ties with Lux. Beyond Shah Rukh Khan’s longstanding association, the family’s recent collaborations extend to projects like Aryan Khan’s luxury streetwear brand campaign and an upcoming film titled “King,” where Suhana takes on a prominent role.

As Lux celebrates its milestone, the details of Suhana’s specific campaign and the creative direction Lux will take are eagerly awaited. With Lux’s legacy of crafting visually stunning and culturally resonant ads, Suhana’s debut as the brand ambassador promises to be a spectacle that fans and fashion enthusiasts alike will eagerly anticipate.

Stay tuned for more updates on Suhana Khan’s journey with Lux as she adds her star power to this iconic brand’s legacy.

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